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But be warned: just because these parts are useful for us, it doesn´t mean every sailor will love them!


Aries Windvan

Mrs. Aries does her job very well!


We love our ham-rig: ICOM 7200, PACTOR III usb und ICOM AT140

We use it to get weather information and emails. We can keep in contact with cruising buddies and ham-friends at home. I guess we would consider the ham license as the most valuable license on board! My call: OE5YCL


handheld VHF

especially during our travels on European rivers and waterways it did a great job, but also useful if only one is on shore and needs to be picked up by dingi....

Scuba gear

not only good to explore the underwater world, also very valuable if work need to be done on the underwater body of our boat

Thermos Cafemaker

very practical


easy to handle: we have our anchor line always ready

Steel wire downhole

even if it is old fashion - we think it´s way better than lines

wide mouth jerrycans

found them cheap at ebay, good for everything: water, flour, rice,... and easy to clean



we like them way better than boat bikes and sometimes make big tours inland. Our to bikes take up space of one bunk

Dingi with strong outboard

we love to make "dingi-tours"; but a good dingi with strong outboard can also help to bring out anchors during a blow...


Instead of a second toilet onboard Jürgen got his on workshop - and he would not want to miss it!

Grain mill

... and I wouldn´t want to miss that.

Big pillows

comfortable for in- and outside

Pilot house

I can´t even imagine anymore how I could ever go without it!

Wide mouth barrels for the chain

never again dirty seawater from the anchor chain in the bilge...

Dickinson Dieselstove

loving it!